Devoted to his family and his community, Barton Bryan is a father and Director for Camp Gladiator. He is passionate about helping people live a full life and become stronger people inside and out. He’s lived in Austin for over 10 years with his wife Valerie and 3-year-old son Jack. With Camp Gladiator, Barton gets to impact hundreds of lives through fitness as well as be a mentor for dozens of trainers who share a similar mission.

Barton grew up in Davis, California. His father Joel was the Director of Disabled Student Services at UC Davis and a professional Jazz harmonica player. Joel contracted Polio when he was 12 and lived his adult life as a quadriplegic. Because of his unique circumstance, Joel instilled a deep understanding of inner strength and helping others live full lives no matter what their disability is. He also passed on his love of music to Barton who received a degree in music from California State University at Northridge for vocal performance. Before graduation, Barton traveled to France to study and learn about the world. His travels took him all over Europe and Morocco. His experiences in North Africa challenged him and galvanized the desire to serve people less fortunate. Upon his return to Southern California, Barton joined the Peace Corps, where he experienced two life-changing years in the West African country of Mauritania.

When Barton was introduced to the Center for Child Protection, he knew the Center was a truly special place with a holistic approach to advocacy for children in crisis. Barton, Val and Jack toured the Center and quickly became Guardian Angels. He is so excited to be a part of Dancing with the Stars Austin to help bring awareness to the Center and the fact that child abuse is still a big issue in the Greater Austin area.