Jonathan wasn’t born in Texas but he’s been in Austin long enough and owns enough pairs of cowboy boots that you might call him “nearly native.” The founder or co-founder of a dozen companies, he has spent his career trying to solve tough problems in a number of industries including professional liability insurance, human resources, baseball officiating, electronics manufacturing and talent acquisition.   

Most recently he and his wife, Kim, embarked on a mission to help address a need that became evident through Kim’s work with the special needs running community: viable, meaningful employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In March 2018 they launched Empowered Coffee, housed inside of RunLab Austin, as a for-profit enterprise that employs seven adults with either Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. 

The proud dad of Gigi and Cash, he is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan, adventure racer and capitalist. In 2004 he convinced his parents to move from Upstate New York and enjoy their retirement in Georgetown. They will be in the audience, and they’re likely wishing they’d have started him on dance lessons a little earlier than the age of 40.   

Jonathan accepted the invitation to dance this year because he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a neighbor and recognizes, first hand, the importance of an organization that advocates for the protection of children. While his dancing performance won’t likely impress you, he hopes that his ability to laugh at himself will.