Flower & Fly

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This is someone’s story somewhere. This is too many stories everywhere.

We be born, clean slate

Manufacturing a mind in response to every touch, sound and beam of light.

Like a pen scribbling cursive curses in the creases of our contemplations.

Writing and rewriting how we think our thoughts, I think, an open book.

Published in trauma, torn pages, broken spine

Unfold us and see all the happy words smeared into a muddle inkblot of pain, a blackened decayed butterfly.

Like a raw Rorschach tested to our limits.

A broken brain bound in battered body beyond ability to inhibit the re-uptake of our own serotonin.

She, the cascading collision of compacted trauma making her even more unlovable for the next set of parents.

Assaulted, abandoned, abused skull be ball bounced on sidewalk but bone and brick do not mix.

They called her feral, an untamed tot. But this is what enduring existence looks like to her.

Never been held but you want her to hold on to hope. “And she can’t even hold on to herself.”

Touched before their time. Touched before my no has the power to save their innocence. Before arms have the strength to crowbar their body from the grip of the monster in bed.

And yet their only failure is to thrive.

They’re not what’s wrong. They’re what’s left when war has been waged on them by the wrong human or when suffering soul sucking circumstances.

They are surviving, so ask them “what’s happened to you?” Listen learn and ladder your way through the labyrinth of their layers.

Find out what they’ve faced that fractured their feelings or ground their glass soul back to sand,

“Walk my shoes and see me. Walk our shoes and see us.”

And the other 5 new stories walking through the door daily.

1 in 10 abused sexually before they’re old enough to vote, but hope can still float if you’re responsive to the trauma.

This is someone’s story somewhere. This is too many stories everywhere.

The children of Austin deserve to have their protection centered.

Give them the slightest crack in concrete, re-fertilize their faith, water them with compassion, let their seed see just one ray of hope and they will bloom beautiful like the sun so watch them roar like a dandelion through the stones of abuse heaped, stacked and obstacle to oppress their growth.

There is an amazing life waiting for them but first, they need that hand full of hope, from you. A positive community committed, comforting helping them reconstruct their consciousness till trust is won.

Then watch them flower, then watch them fly.

This is Austin and we, you, us are the Center for Child Protection.

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