5 Facts About Forensic Interviews

The Center for Child Protection’s primary service is the forensic interview. A service that gives a child victim the chance to tell a professional what happened. Here are 5 facts to know about forensic interviews.

  1. A forensic interview is a structured conversation with a child intended to elicit detailed information, in a non-leading non-suggestive manner, about a possible event(s) that the child may have experienced or witnessed for the purpose of obtaining information that may be helpful in an investigation.
  1. Forensic interviews at the Center for Child Protection are conducted by forensic interviewers who are specially trained in interviewing children at all levels of development and age. The Center interviewers strive to build a rapport with the child so they feel safe and confident in a trusting environment. The child sets the pace for the interview.
  1. Multi-session forensic interviews are available at the Center. Although the traditional forensic interview model is ideal for most children, this model recognizes that for a small number of children more than one session to talk about allegations of abuse may be needed. A multi-session interview is considered for all children, more specifically for children and cases with special considerations.
  1. In 2015, the Center for Child Protection interviewed 1,025 Travis County children, a 28% increase from 2014.
  1. The Center for Child Protection forensic interviewers work directly with Child Protection Team agencies (law enforcement, Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Dell Children’s Medical Center and Child Protective Services) to better understand the case and what information is needed to investigate cases of child abuse.