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The Center for Child Protection believes education and awareness are key to preventing child abuse. Join us as we learn more about child abuse and begin to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable so we can help the children in our lives and in our community.

The Kid’s Closet

Going shopping anytime soon? You can help kids at the Center at the same time! Often times at the Center, our clients do not have the means to provide daily essentials to keep children in

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Grooming: Knowing the Signs

Last year at the Center for Child Protection, 92% of children knew and trusted their abusers. This tells us that stranger danger isn’t the only tactic we should take when protecting our children. With this

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Center for Child Protection Announces New Board Leadership

*Pictured: CEO Michael Torres & Board President Sam Butterworth The Center for Child Protection has announced newly elected leadership for its Board of Directors.  Sam Butterworth will serve as President for the 2019-2020 term

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Family Advocates: Providing Crisis Intervention To Caregivers

How does a Family Advocate handle crisis intervention with families during their child’s forensic interview? Here at the Center, our Family Advocates provide caregivers in high-risk situations with crisis support, determination of needs, and intervention throughout their involvement

Who is the Travis County Child Protection Team?

Through a collaborative approach, the Travis County Child Protection Team (CPT) is dedicated to reducing the trauma for children during the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against them. The Child Protection Team is made up of

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The Forensic Interview: Reducing Child Trauma in Abuse Cases

A forensic interview is a structured conversation with a child with the purpose of obtaining information about possible event(s) the child may have experienced, including abuse, neglect or the witnessing of a violent crime. In