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Family Advocacy at the Center for Child Protection

Anissa Munoz
by Anissa Munoz
June 30, 2023
Read time: 2 minutes
Family Advocacy at the Center for Child Protection

At the Center for Child Protection, we strongly believe in creating a nurturing and secure environment where every child who visits can thrive. That’s why our dedicated team is always here, ready to support and uplift children day in and day out. 

One vital source of unwavering support for the families who seek our help is our incredible team of Family Advocates. When families come to the Center, it can be an incredibly challenging day for them, perhaps one of the most difficult days that they’ve experienced. That is why our family advocates serve as beacons of hope and pillars of strength for these families. They warmly welcome each family, guiding them through their visit, explaining where they’ll be, where their child will be, and who they’ll be meeting. Transparency is key to alleviate any uncertainty and address any questions the caregivers may have.  

Our family advocates possess a deep understanding of the complexities within family dynamics and undergo extensive training to provide compassionate care. They connect families with the resources they need to heal and grow together, offering valuable information on psychological trauma, discussing the child’s behavior and mental health, and equipping them with tools for the future. By empathizing with and validating caregivers’ feeling’s, some of whom may feel a sense of shame or guilt, our family advocates foster trust and create a safe space for asking difficult questions.

In addition, our family advocates work closely and collaboratively with our Child Protection Team (CPT) to ensure comprehensive support for each child and their family. From the initial interview to the closure of the case, the CPT holds collaborative meetings where all aspects of the case are discussed, and any concerns are addressed.

Family advocates are committed to ensuring that every step of the way, the child and their family receive the utmost support, guidance and care. Even if some families decline our services initially, they can always reach out to us and still receive our free services months or even years later. Our dedication to their well-being knows no time limits.

With the unwavering support of our dedicated donors, staff and the Child Protection Team, we are able to create a brighter future for every child and family that walks through our doors. 

Anissa Munoz
About Anissa Munoz

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