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Impact of Mobile Forensic Interviews

Anissa Munoz
by Anissa Munoz
February 22, 2024
Read time: 3 minutes
Mobile Forensic Interviews at the Center for Child Protection

Today, we want to share with you a unique aspect of our work that underscores our unwavering commitment to the children and families we serve. It’s about extending our reach beyond the walls of the Center, to ensure that every child’s voice is heard, no matter where they are. This is the story of our Mobile Forensic Interviews.

Even in the face of complexity, our goal remains clear: to provide a safe, neutral environment for children to share their story of abuse and reduce the trauma they’re experiencing. However, there are times when children cannot come to us—due to medical, safety, or logistical reasons. This is where our Mobile Forensic Interviews come into play. Conducted at secure and private facilities such as hospitals, residential treatment centers, and juvenile detention centers, these interviews ensure that no child is left unheard, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Every year the dedicated Child Protection Team conducts interviews in various locations, from Dell Children’s Hospital to Gardner Betts Juvenile Center, adapting to each child’s unique situation. Whether a child is in a hospital bed or a treatment facility, our commitment to reaching them remains steadfast. This approach not only provides comfort to the children but also ensures that their stories are captured accurately and compassionately, without the stress of transportation or the intimidation of unfamiliar settings.

Mobile Forensic Interviews at the Center for Child Protection

Our mobile interviews are meticulously planned and executed, involving a skilled team of interviewers, detectives, and caseworkers, all while ensuring the utmost privacy and security. With modern technology, we bring our expertise directly to the child, setting up secure connections for team members to observe on-site, ensuring that every interview is conducted with the same level of professionalism and empathy as if it were within our own walls.

If there’s a will, there’s a way, we will try to accomplish the forensic interview and get that recording to the correct team members to make sure that the child still gets justice. Shelby Duarte , Director of Forensic Services

The impact of these mobile interviews extends far beyond the immediate support they provide. They are a testament to our adaptability and dedication to serving children in every circumstance. We recognize that each interview conducted outside the Center is not just about overcoming logistical challenges; it’s about ensuring that every child feels seen, heard, and supported.

To our supporters, your generosity and belief in our mission make this critical work possible. Whether through funding, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, you are a vital part of our extended family.

Together, we are breaking down barriers, making justice accessible to all, and, most importantly, providing hope and healing to those in need. Together, we are making a difference—one interview, one child, at a time.

Anissa Munoz
About Anissa Munoz

Digital Marketing Manager