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Miriam’s Painting

Anissa Munoz
by Anissa Munoz
August 5, 2022
Read time: 3 minutes
Miriam’s Painting

Today I want to share with you a powerful story about the importance of relationships. Recently, Miriam Jansky, our Chief Clinical Officer received a beautiful piece of hand-painted artwork created by a past client alongside a letter expressing her gratitude for the Center. It’s not every day we get to see first-hand how our services impacted a family, so I wanted to share this special moment with you.

This family came to the Center 12 years ago for services. Mom and her two kids had been victims of abuse for a prolonged period of time. Miriam supported them as they began their healing process and provided them with the tools needed for a healthy future. After building relationships with them, and hopeful she had made an impact in their lives, they moved on, as all the families we see at the Center eventually do. We are left hoping what we did was enough to make a life-long impact. But, through her letter, we learned of the important role Miriam played in their lives even all these years later.

Miriam’s Painting
Miriam’s Painting Close Up

In the letter, she expressed her thankfulness for the experience her family had at the Center, the bright and lively memories of the playroom that both of her children can distinctly remember, and the safe and welcoming environment that we all have worked so hard to create. She attributed their time at the Center and with Miriam as “vital ingredients in their healing journey” and that “the healing energy of the entire team truly made a very difficult and what felt like an unconquerable time, a landmark along our yellow brick road.”

This beautiful homemade artwork dedicated to the Center in Miriam’s honor is hanging in our program area, reminding us the importance of every interaction we have.

“This is our heart, this is why we do what we do. This is why relationships matter, and this is why every interaction you have is an opportunity. Because in that interaction you have the ability to change the path of somebody’s life in ways you will never be aware of.”

-Miriam Jansky, Chief Clinical Officer

This is just one instance of the impact that our services can have on a family and we wouldn’t be here without you. Every relationship and every interaction has the potential to help a child. Your support helps ensure that healthy relationships are formed, children and families begin to heal and we get one step closer to ending the cycle of abuse.

Anissa Munoz
About Anissa Munoz

Digital Marketing Manager