"We rely on the expertise of the
the interviewers at the Center
to strengthen our case.

- Brent Kelly, Detective APD

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The Center is the ONLY non-profit in Travis County involved in the investigation of crimes against children. Together with law enforcement, Child Protective Services (CPS), medical professionals and prosecution, the Center works to ensure that a child’s best interest is at the core of the investigative process.

Forensic Interview
A forensic interview is a child’s recorded statement taken by an unbiased professional specially trained to speak with children at various age levels.

Before the Center for Child Protection existed, children in Travis County had to tell what happened to them over and over again often as many as 15 times. Because the professionals did not collaborate, case information was lost and children fell through the cracks unprotected. This not only hurt the case, but it forced the child to relive their trauma each time.

Today, children and teens are interviewed in a safe, non-threatening environment and their statements are digitally recorded. Children are informed they are being recorded. Law enforcement officers and CPS caseworkers observe the interview through a one-way mirror.

Follow Up
Center staff provides ongoing support, information and referral for families who have gone through the forensic interview process. The purpose is to help ensure families are connected to those individuals working on their case, are aware of available resources that might be of help to their family and have the information they need to help support their child throughout the legal process.

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