The Center for Child Protection is the nation’s first children’s advocacy center certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) through the ChildTrauma Academy.

This evidence-based practice approach helps us determine what support services and therapeutic interventions would be the most beneficial to a child and family’s healing, both within and outside of our walls. NMT provides our clinicians with the foundation to develop individualized treatment plans and to help teach caregivers how they can best support their child’s healing.

  • All therapy services are free of charge and offered in both English and Spanish

  • Free childcare is available during any service provided at the Center

  • The Center does not provide services to any person accused, charged or convicted of a sexual crime

  • To receive therapy services at the Center, the family must have a confirmed case within the civil and/or criminal system.

Child Therapy Sessions Last Year
of Children Made Progress Toward their Goals

Individual Therapy

The Center provides individual therapy for children, teens and adults.

Therapists are trained in addressing trauma through a variety of interventions, including animal-assisted therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and experiential therapy modalities such as ROPES course, trauma sensitive yoga, psychodrama, music, art and sensory based activities. Individual therapy with the Center can also take place in the home or school environment.

Family Therapy

Family therapy at the Center works to improve caregiving, reduce risk and help families recover from trauma.

This intervention consists of a combination of psychoeducation, exploration of family dynamics, and regulation and relational based activities. Family therapists work directly with the parent and child, either in the home environment or during DFPS visitation. Family therapists are trained in interventions such as PC-Care, sensory-based interventions and experiential therapy modalities.


A forensic interview is the first step for children in the intervention process.

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Certified in the NMT, the Center offers a wide-range of unique therapy experiences

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Dell Children’s Medical Center CARE Team operates an on-site clinic for children.

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Free educational trainings are available to professionals, parents and community. 

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