"It's open and warm and inviting.
Everything in this building is
centered around children."

- Lois Welch, CPS Investigator

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When an outcry of abuse is confirmed, the Center for Child Protection offers individual and family therapy to children, teens and their families so that they may process their experiences and begin healing from the abuse they have endured. Treatment is individualized to meet emotional, psychological and developmental needs. Experiential therapy services are also offered through pet-assisted therapy and ropes course initiatives and activities.

Services are offered in English and Spanish to children, siblings and to non-offending caregivers at no charge.

Intensive Case Management

Intensive case management supports at-risk families one-on-one for a longer period of time to prevent child abuse or neglect. The Center’s clinical staff makes home visits to assess child and family needs and provide support.

Family Advocate Program

The Family Advocate Program’s primary focus is to provide protective caregivers with immediate crisis intervention, ongoing case management and follow-up so caregivers have the support they need to take care of their child, their family and themselves.

Emergency Funds

The Center offers emergency funds for children and families who are involved in the investigation process. These funds may provide car seats and beds for children placed in a relative’s care, deadbolt door locks to keep children safe from perpetrators or bus passes to help children and families reach the Center for therapy appointments. Referrals must be made through Center staff or an agency partner.

Groups And Classes

The Center offers group therapy and parenting classes as additional support to families in the child abuse system.

If you or your child need help getting through this difficult time, the Center for Child Protection offers group therapy sessions and classes. The Protective Parenting Group is designed to address issues related to trauma and protectiveness through both psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic group processes. Group therapy can be a great source of support because you will work with families that are going through difficult times similar to your own. Pre-registration is required and child care is provided.

Call 512-472-1164 to register.

A children’s activity group is provided for children who are in need of child care while their parents are attending Protective Parenting Group. The Children’s Activity Group is a time for a child to be able to come and have fun while obtaining tools that result in empowerment for their everyday lives. This is accomplished through arts and crafts and child-friendly discussions.

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