Summer Theater 2023 - The Center for Child Protection
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Summer Theater 2023

Anissa Munoz
by Anissa Munoz
August 29, 2023
Read time: 3 minutes
Summer Theater 2023

Launched in 2017, Summer Theater is a group therapy program created by our clinical department to help support our families. It offers a unique chance for our staff to incorporate NMT core principles while also demonstrating that not all relationships are harmful.

Over the summer, our team was dedicated to nurturing secure relationships, enhancing self-awareness, guiding clients in achieving inner calm and safety, and fostering resilience during trying moments. The result of this hard work was an amazing production of Estrella’s Summer Adventure on the SS CCP Rocket Unity 1!

 This year’s production used the theme of outer space, a concept that launched us into dynamic self-exploration. To truly provide a backstage pass, we need to talk about the enriching experiences each theater group embarked upon and how they positively influenced our young participants.

The Dance Ensemble: Regulating Emotions Through Rhythmic Expression

Beyond the sheer joy of movement, the rhythm and repetition of our dance group acted as a channel for emotional balance. These types of movements in dance created a safe and calming haven for our kids. The leaders of our dance group created 5 unique dances for our kids to learn. The songs ranged from Elton John’s “Rocket Man” to John Mayer’s “Say What You Need to Say.” By fostering a sense of control, our dancing sessions enabled our clients to navigate their emotions with newfound confidence.

The Production Pioneers: Crafting Success Through Creativity

Did you know that drawing and painting have a therapeutic impact on the nervous system? The production group delved into arts, crafts and set building, forming a cohesive team led by our qualified staff. Our kids actually built a fully functional “motherboard” with integrated electronics – merging technology and art! The teamwork present sparked an environment of safety and connection among our young creatives, contributing to the success of the final play.

The Djembe Ensemble: Creating Harmony and Serenity

Djembe, a West African drum, means “everyone gather together in peace.” This group focused on creating rhythms that truly never missed a beat. By mimicking the heartbeat, the Djembe infuses a calming aura that resonates within our kids, fostering an overall sense of tranquility and well-being. Not only were the drums a beautiful addition to the show, but the beats they created also worked by sending safety signals to the body and calming our kids on show day.

The Acting Cohort: Fostering Expressiveness and Confidence

Learning both script and stage direction, our kids were nurtured to communicate their thoughts and emotions effectively. Repetition not only solidified their stage presence but also bestowed them with the gift of composure. The young actors showed boundless potential. It’s a vivid portrayal that determination coupled with support can propel anyone to achieve remarkable feats.

Nurturing Connections: The Empowering Parent Group

For our final group, we have the Empowering Parent Group, an ensemble fostering profound connections among caregivers. This initiative goes beyond crafting gifts for children and creates a space of mutual support through rhythmic activities that cultivate safety and unity. With the creation of meaningful weekly gifts, participation in uplifting activities, and a shared journey of empowerment, caregivers enhanced their well-being while amplifying their children’s resilience.

Summer Theater at the Center for Child Protection mirrors life itself – a stage where creative expression, teamwork, emotional wellness, and the blossoming of individuality seamlessly merge. It’s a resounding affirmation that embarking on a path with willpower can unlock doors to boundless possibilities.

Anissa Munoz
About Anissa Munoz

Digital Marketing Manager