Family Advocates: Providing Crisis Intervention To Caregivers

How does a Family Advocate handle crisis intervention with families during their child’s forensic interview? Here at the Center, our Family Advocates provide caregivers in high-risk situations with crisis support, determination of needs, and intervention throughout their involvement with the Child Protection Team.

Reducing Impact of Trauma through Caregiver Support

During child abuse investigations, caregivers are often overwhelmed

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The Forensic Interview: Reducing Child Trauma in Abuse Cases

A forensic interview is a structured conversation with a child with the purpose of obtaining information about possible event(s) the child may have experienced, including abuse, neglect or the witnessing of a violent crime. In addition to being legally sound, the forensic interview is also a developmentally-sensitive method of gathering information with trauma reduction being a

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Trauma-Informed Yoga: Build, Create, Regulate

The Center for Child Protection offers many forms of experiential therapy to child abuse victims and their protective families. Trauma-informed yoga is just one type of therapeutic intervention used at the Center. The combined benefits of yoga poses, meditation, and focused breathing create a domino effect of long-lasting results that can help children heal.


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