Teddy Bears for Kids

In one month the Center for Child Protection had 381 children visit the Center. Whether they were here for a forensic interview, therapy or medical services or here supporting a brother or sister, these children all got to spend time in our Kid’s Play Area.

The Center has incredible staff who spend time with these children before and after their interviews, always making sure they leave the Center feeling confident and in good spirits. After a forensic interview or medical exam, the children are also given a brand new teddy bear or stuffed animal.

The teddy bear not only provides comfort and a sense of safety during a difficult time, it also represents a new beginning. It’s new, it’s different and it’s something to remind them that their friends at the Center will always be there for them.

With a continually increasing number of children visiting the Center each day, we ask for support in keeping our teddy bear and stuffed animal supply in full stock. If you would like donate or host a drive with your friends, please contact Karen Keahey at 512-472-1164.