Financial Documents
The Center for Child Protection’s governing documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and IRS Letter of Determination), conflict of interest policy, most recent IRS Form 990, most recent independent audit and the latest Board approved financial statements are available upon request pursuant to Texas Law.

To request financial documents, please contact Michael Torres.

Annual Reports

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Donor List
2014 Donor List 
*List of donors that contributed $500 and above in 2014.

Center Supporters
The Center for Child Protection receives funding from grants provided by organizations, corporations and foundations. These funds provide direct support to our programs and services to abused and neglected children and their families. The Center would like to thank all of our grantors for making it possible to protect children each year.

*Please see our Annual Report for a list of our supporters. The Center for Child Protection makes every effort to verify the accuracy of of the list printed in our Annual Report. If you see an omission or correction, please contact Debbie Tate at

The Center for Child Protection is generously supported by: